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Acerbis is one of the leading companies in the Italian designer furniture industry. With 150 years of experience in the constant pursuit of modernity, the brand has produced extraordinarily innovative creations. Acerbis products - such as the Moodboard console or the Axis table - have essential and clean lines and a perfect combination of materials and finishes.

Acerbis draws its inspiration from the worlds of architecture, interior design and fashion. Acerbis products have won major international awards. Acerbis, a family tradition that combines function and avant-garde, continues its mission thanks to its acquisition by MDF Italia in 2019.

Acerbis continually strives to use materials innovatively and has become a leader in high quality paintwork. The company has invented its own patented paint finishing method, Caoxol, which can achieve unprecedented gloss and durability. They also have unique skills in the production of special locking systems, hinges and other custom components, offering its customers a luxury experience that combines conceptual aesthetics with functionality.

The new creative directors, Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces, combine their proven strengths in architecture and industrial design. With a passion for the history of design and a visionary view of the contemporary project, they have tapped into the Acerbis archives and "remastered" creations whose modernity remains today. Each archival design has been carefully selected to celebrate the legendary era of experimentation of the Acerbis icons. Its rooted foundations of beauty and functionality provide the foundation for the future chapters of its history.


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